The fee schedule is a flat rate charge. Emergency Fees do NOT include shipping costs, freight costs, packing costs, handling and delivery services performed after standard weekday daytime hours.  We average 100+ After Hours emergency sales/deliveries per month. ALL Emergency Fees are NON refundable.  All Sales Final.

2018 Emergency Fee Dates and Times Flat Rate Fee
No Emergency Fees if ordered:  Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM Central Standard Time
Standard Shipping Hours:  Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM Central Standard Time NO CHARGE
Late Night:  Monday-Thursday 6PM-6AM Central Standard Time $250.00
Weekend:  Friday 6PM to Monday 6AM Central Standard Time $500.00

JANUARY:  New Year's Day (1st)
MAY:  Memorial Day Weekend (25th-28th)
JULY:  Independence Day (4th)
SEPTEMBER:  Labor Day Weekend (1st-3rd)
NOVEMBER:  Thanksgiving Day Weekend (22nd-25th)
DECEMBER:  Christmas Break (22nd-25th)
DECEMBER:  New Years Eve (31st)





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